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Our Rooms

A safe and nurturing environment

We have five designated rooms.

Possum           6 weeks to 15 months of age

Platypus         15 months to 24 months of age

Kookaburra     24 months to 3 years of age

Wombat          30 months to 4 years of age

Dolphin           4 years to 5 years of age


Our Curriculum

The Centre follows the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and this framework forms the basis for our curriculum. Our curriculum, educational programs, goals and philosophy are evaluated on a regular basis and all staff are trained and personally consulted with any new developments.

Daily activities are intended to extend, scaffold and stimulate the children’s curiosity; these activities are viewed not only as a series of activities for children, but rather as an extensive range of experiences and opportunities to develop each child holistically. Special occasions are important to children and incorporated into our program. We love to help you and your child celebrate special moments and occasions whether they are birthdays, starting a new school or losing their first tooth.

Our Dolphin room is our Kindergarten, which runs a Queensland Government Approved program under the guidance and care of our qualified early childhood teacher.  In our Kindergarten program your child will participate in play based learning experiences designed to encourage their physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional abilities.

We understand that every child is different and a diversity of teaching techniques unlocks a child’s potential and we can provide an early learning experience that can cater for that right here on the Sunshine Coast. We do our provide a nurturing, safe and engaging environment that encourages children to be the best they can be and to give them only the best in Child Care on the Sunshine Coast.


Whether your little ones spend a day or a full week with us, our team of educators will feel like extended family as they create a solid foundation of learning for your child.

Bec Ellis

Nominated Supervisor